Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hannah: Our Entertainer . . . for sure!

This is what will later be considered.... blackmail.

This is one alley of entertainment dished into our family.

The youngest of the type one's, Hannah, sometimes likes to over exaggerate different situations.

And by over exaggerate, I mean this...

E-mail From Hannah to Ben:

"Hi Benny Boy,

Guess what, it was 8:00 at the time when I felt a slush of deafening weakness, insanity and quite undeliberate shakiness arose from the bed I had rested in, and trembled down the cold, darkened stairs.
But wait, was someone really down there? YES, mother was awaiting at the first level to help my dying body.

Soo, this is me now, eating "Kap'n Crunch" and gulping "100% Orange Pineapple Apple Juice" ...
I know, great. :)

But this was nothing compared to what I forgot to tell you, I believe that it was like the second night after you had left, like Tuesday or maybe it was Monday.
But, it was 3:10 in the morning when I felt like my whole body had exploded on the inside...


~hard to walk
~VERY weak

Horrible, right! Well, I got up, got a juce and ohhh, I forgot my number was like 60 or 58 or something like that, but  Igot a juice and a HUGE bowl of cereal! (Frosted flakes)
But, the cool thing is that my body woke me up. Ben, I could've DIED!!!!!!!!!

Soo, yeah.

Well, I love you and miss you... A lot! 


Hannah, Lilly (Dog) and Caroline Noel. (American Girl Doll) :) "

I copied this word for word.

Just to show you a "snippet" of my fun little sister.

She sure keeps all of us boys on our toes! 

Whenever there is an argument between any one of us boys, she always wins! 

I hope you enjoyed this, because I sure did! ;)


  1. As far as girl power goes and Hannah getting the win of the argument, you best be packing some heat 'cuz when its payback time she's gonna come at you locked and loaded! (That's what she puts up with living with 4 older brothers!) HEEHEE Somebody's gotta defend her!

    LOVE YOU!!!

    Aunt Jenny

  2. Hello to the Type 1 Trio! I have enjoyed reading your descriptive posts on this blog, Caleb...and Hannah (hopefully, you didn't give Ben too much of a scare with your letter). The fact that God has designed your body to know when something is wrong and to wake you out of your sleep is amazing! A miracle we are all thankful for!!! I know there are many times the Lord has awoken me at various times of the night or early mornings (when I am not working night shift)and prompted me to pray for the Hatchett children. Even though Type 1 is a daily battle, God has His hand of protection over you! Praying for you all! Love in Christ, Lydia ;)


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