Friday, July 26, 2013

Pump Appointment Posting

If you are, or have, a Type One in your family ... I know you are smiling. 

For those who don't know what a lancet is - it is the needle that daily bleeds all Type Ones across the world. What makes this so funny, is that we rarely change them. Once you prick about 8 times, and blood doesn't come, you know its time to change the lancet. Usually that's about a month after you should have! :)

Now for the Pump Post!

I was really worried because the last appointment we had gotten ... nowhere. Due to the fact that I am starting college soon, we were hoping to get me on the pump before college started. The bad thing was that we weren't moving along very fast.

I went into the appointment a bit discouraged, but surprisingly it went really well! I never seem to do well when it comes to seeing my past numbers so she can evaluate all my mistakes ... yeah. 

After we dragged ourselves through the hundreds of blood sugar readings, we finally got around to talking about getting myself a pump! 

After two hours in the doctors office, I am excited to announce that this coming Tuesday, we will be ordering a Medtronic Insulin Pump! 

 I am very excited to begin "pumping". Hopefully I can be set up with the pump before I begin college this next month! 

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Monday, July 15, 2013

A1C Reports

Well, we spent the morning in the doctor's office! :) 

As for the A1C reports, here they are . . . 

Hannah: 7.3

Daniel: 9.2

Caleb (me): 8.3

For each of us, we were surprised how high Daniel's A1C was. Although he has been under close management, our endocrinologist said that his growth hormones would be to blame for the high sugar levels.

So for clarification purposes, no, we have not neglected Daniel's Type One management.


For those who don't know how an A1C works, I have put a chart below to help.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

6 Months

My army of life.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to be a voice for those living with Type One. There are roughly 1,300 shots presently upright before you, six months worth for me. Since the first shot, I have had a needle break skin 4,400 times. 

It has been three days and six months since my diagnosis, which is why I feel this post to be appropriate. I feel this is a bit of a "milestone" for myself. 

When I was diagnosed January 31st, I couldn't really fathom working full time in the heat of July. 

"One day at a time"

As I have built on each day after day, I have found that time goes rather fast! Before I know it, it will be six years that have past. 

I am very thankful for the love and support that both God and my family have provided. 

Through my first six months, I have found the following to be true in my life.

Insulin is the foundation for life.

Family is the foundation for love.

God is the foundation for our family.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Face Lift 2 :)

Hello All,

Just wanted to give an update that the new design is in place! If things don't appear to be working properly it is because I haven't set it up yet!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

T1Trio :)

I apologize for not writing these past weeks...

Yes ... I'm alive. ;)
I am presently trying to prepare for college and work full-time for Samuel's Lawn Service. Work alone wipes me out physically, and with all the highs and lows of blood sugars I find it all pretty crazy at times! :)
I am looking forward to attending college this fall, but factoring in Type One will make college-life more hectic. Thankfully I will be able to commute by vehicle and can sleep at home. Not living in the dormitories will help with my Type One management. The one tricky part with driving to college will be keeping my blood sugars stable. We have yet to master our battle plan for that. :)

As for the entire Type One Trio, we all went in yesterday for our blood-work. A1C's are presently being sent to UW Madison for our appointment next week. I fear that mine will be high thanks to my "summer cold". It was nothing serious, it just had fun throwing my numbers all over. Saw everything from really high numbers to being pretty low. Daniel is doing well with his T1 management, so I suspect he will come in pretty good for the A1C reports. He has been at camp videoing and working on photography for my Dad. Hannah's numbers have been running rather low. She attended a week of Teen Camp, and throughout the entire weeks she was hitting the 50s to 60s quite frequently! .... of course, she handled them like a pro!

Long and short of it, if anybody's going to get the "Endocrinologistic rundown" ...

it'll be me. :) 

I'll be sending out our A1C results as soon as I get them from the doctor!