Saturday, April 26, 2014

Making "Moments" Managable

Hello World! :) 

Since the last post, a lot has happened in the Type One Trio! Daniel's blood sugar was 31, we used the glucagon, and we have seen a few lows and a couple of highs- but that's our life.

 I feel like I could park on any one of those topics, yet I know that probably within a week we will experience another "Type One Diabetes Moment."

The "moments" I speak of are inevitable - inescapable. Even when exercising extreme control in diabetes management, we run into these times.

So what makes these "moments" manageable?


Love is shown in the simple things in life. It is the fuel that keeps one going, keeps one hoping,  keeps one trying. 
Love is the willingness to sacrifice your own happiness even if it's inconvenient, 
to show love and support even though you may not get something out of it.

That's something that I have learned from Type One: learning to give up my time in order to help others, learning to listen even when I am hurting myself.
It is the same as when I work in the hospital... 
Hurting people need love.

The worst thing someone can do is to withhold love. When you do that, it is as if you are saying you don't care. 
Sadly, I've seen both ends of this issue unfold. I've watched people take, and I've witnessed people give.
It helps me to always remember that we are all just humans. Our greatest attempts to supply love and support only go so far. It seems even our best attempts often end in failure. But, God provides the ultimate supply of love anyone can ask for! Learning to rely on Him for it is the key.  

My goal is to be able to use my Type One in a positive way - to turn my lemons into lemonade. ;)
(P.S.- College ends in One week and three days, I hope to be more active after finishing finals!)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

National Sibling Day!

Couldn't pass the opportunity up! 

Just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you" to the most awesome siblings in the world! Without them, I cannot even imagine trying to survive life with Type One Diabetes.

The hardship of Type One has done one thing to my family and I, it has brought us closer than we could have ever imagined!

Had God given me any other siblings, I don't think we could possibly be as closely knit as we are. Even though God has given us Type One Diabetes, he has also supplied us with the perfect family to handle these hardships!

I love you all, and am so humbled for being a part of this amazing family.

This wouldn't be possible without you both! You are amazing examples! Even if you asked, I couldn't possibly put my love for you into words!

You are both incredible!