Sunday, November 30, 2014

Diabetes4Dummies: Highs and Lows

And yet another Diabetes4Dummies video! ;) I'm starting to lose track....

Hope you enjoy! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why Awareness?

We have reached the middle of November- Diabetes Awareness Month! 

Though I have not done a good job of daily keeping up with different challenges, posts, activities, etc- I know we have had an awesome month helping raise awareness!

(Hannah/Daniel's Classmates&Teachers creating the "Blue Circle")

I would like to say a BIG "Thank You" to all of my FB friends, college buddies, and Daniel and Hannah's school friends for showing so much support! It has been incredible! I love it when I see this icon...
- scattered throughout thousands of FB Profile Pictures. :) It is truly awesome to see how many participated in the Thunderclap Campaign by JDRF. Through it, 2,555,000 people have been reached via social networking!

All this to leads me to a surprising yet frequently asked question: Why raise awareness?

So the first thing that comes to my mind when asked this question is... "Why not!?" But (obviously) the people asking this question need more than a question in return. So here it is: 

1) Awareness is Support 

The whole reason people are out there trying to spread awareness is to show their support for those fighting this disease! Actions go beyond words. It's not a matter of only saying something, it's a matter of doing something in order to raise awareness for those that don't understand. Why is this important? Because the more people that understand, the better the chance of raising support for a cure. I understand, I have done the research and I hate even addressing this topic. Logically, a cure is about 2 life-times out. But hey, it's the 21st century, and Fredrick Banting discovered insulin when everyone said it was impossible!! Don't give up quiet yet. ;)

2) Awareness is Safety 

A misdiagnosis for someone that really has T1D can be huge. Raising awareness could be a deciding factor that might save someone's life! Misdiagnoses and incorrect information can be big factors for a case of Type One Diabetes. Not only this, but raising awareness is creating a "safety net" for T1s! Think about it: if you found a person passed out on the ground and saw that they had a diabetic ID, insulin pump, or glucose (blood sugar) meter - you would have a huge advantage over someone who has never heard of Type One Diabetes. (I assume you have read/ watched the information displayed throughout this blog) My point is this: being silent about T1D doesn't improve safety. Why wouldn't you want to encourage protection for people with T1?

3) Awareness is Hope

For those who have just chosen to be pessimistic about "Diabetes Awareness," that's your choice. Just don't let your negative viewpoint be the pin that bursts the bubble of hope to which many still hold. Many special people have taken their time to do some pretty incredible things for diabetes awareness- and that's awesome! Let's keep this energy flowing and keep spreading awareness! 

To show some of these efforts, here are a few photos from across the globe...

 Governor Walker's Residence, USA
 Thessaloniki, Greece
Blackpool Tower, England
Happy Blue November!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hey hey hey! It's Diabetes4Dummies Video #3! :)

I will have you know that a new actual blog-post will be coming shortly. It will recount all of our World Diabetes Day happenings! 

For now, enjoy the new video! ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Diabetes 4 Dummies!!!

Not only has the second video been posted to YouTube, but we have acquired a title for our series:

So a little explanation for these video ideas. We are using these videos to work through commonly asked questions. Not only do using different effects help bring humor to the videos, but it helps us be able to easily diffuse diabetic myths! 

I know some may wonder why the "chipmunk voices, big eyes, and poor video quality"? The fact is that simple and funny help transform boring topics into something that can at least capture one's attention long enough for the information to sink in!

Hope that makes sense! :) 

Feel free to comment any thoughts or ideas! 

Keep on representing!!!! 


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Project Blue November!

Okay, so we have an entire month to create a voice for T1D. Anyone can do this! 

Opposed to last year, the T1Trio is trying different routes of involvement using social media with a side of humor. ;) 

Though this is slightly amateur, slightly; we have created our first YouTube video. 

We are completely open to any thoughts and comments. Depending on the response, we may work to raise the quality and time invested in videos.

Let's see how this runs. ;) 

FYI: November 14, World Diabetes Day!!!