Sunday, October 19, 2014

Camp Marrakesh

First off, I would love to welcome all of my new friends/families that have found my blog from Marrakesh! This is it! :) I started the blog a week after my diagnosis. You can click the "Archive" button on the right side and click back till you find February of 2013. That is when the "T1Trio" began. 

I find it difficult to transfer my thoughts into words . . . to simply type out the experience my whole family encountered over the small period of two days. 

Below are a few thoughts to sum up our weekend:

First of all, the connection. There is nothing like going to a camp that you know very little about, with people you know nothing about (except they're Type One- which makes them awesome!), and attempting to get to know them. 

In most instances, I wouldn't know what to say, how to act, what to do . . .  yet within 15 minutes of arriving at Marrakesh, our entire family was spread out at numerous tables building relationships with people that could last for the rest of our lives! 

What we experienced as a family was not just meeting people but falling in love with them. We were connecting on a deep level: sharing our hearts, our fears, our pains, and most importantly - our hope! 

Secondly, the kids were absolutely incredible. Not only did they breeze through the management side (finger pokes, shots, lows, highs), but they were inspiring to everyone around them. All of the T1D campers had been diagnosed with Type One for only one year or less, which made their already-incredible management skills even more incredible! :) Getting to spend time with the kids reassured us that if they could do this, we could do this! That was one of the greatest highlights of the weekend: finding support in each other. 

And lastly, spending time with the adults. When the parents and children split, we all had opportunity to chat with the adults. The parents always have and always will be the ones carrying a primary part of the pain and pressure of this disease. Understanding this helps us to see into the reality of what these parents were going through. There is an overwhelming reality to what this disease holds and represents. Finding peace through this time is the key to coming to acceptance with the "new normal."

Our whole family was able to talk, share, love, cry, and relate on multiple levels to everyone at Marrakesh. I think that this was one of the most healing parts for our family. Being at only 4 years into our Diabetes Journey we are still at the beginning . . . we are still adjusting, and we are still learning. 

In conclusion, this weekend wasn't exactly about us getting to "host" a camp. We were able to help heal, and to be healed; to love and be loved; to inspire, and be inspired. 

Oh yes . . . and to laugh! If you don't laugh, you will probably start crying . . .  just saying.  ;)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Daniel's 4th Year Diaversary

Due to the fact that 90% of the 5,000 photos on my MacBook were taken by Daniel, I find it hard to find many pictures of him! I did my best and hope it gives you a little insight into his journey so far in this disease.

You are inspirational, Daniel. I have a lot to look up to in a younger brother. ;) 

Happy Diaversary!