Thursday, April 10, 2014

National Sibling Day!

Couldn't pass the opportunity up! 

Just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you" to the most awesome siblings in the world! Without them, I cannot even imagine trying to survive life with Type One Diabetes.

The hardship of Type One has done one thing to my family and I, it has brought us closer than we could have ever imagined!

Had God given me any other siblings, I don't think we could possibly be as closely knit as we are. Even though God has given us Type One Diabetes, he has also supplied us with the perfect family to handle these hardships!

I love you all, and am so humbled for being a part of this amazing family.

This wouldn't be possible without you both! You are amazing examples! Even if you asked, I couldn't possibly put my love for you into words!

You are both incredible!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Quite honestly I believe the dates of my last post tells much of what I've been up to . . . 

a lot. 

I just got off of college for spring break this past Friday! Frankly, I'm not sure how much more of college I could have survived.

I definitely feel that I am learning!

College is crazy, college with night college is crazier, college with night college with Type One Diabetes is . . . you get the idea! :)

As for recent blood sugars, I feel the below photo does a stellar job of depicting how I feel!


 Last week I was put on antibiotics for Pneumonia. Supposedly I was to be a "picture of health" by Wednesday- which didn't happen.

As I write this blog post my blood sugar is 460. Haven't eaten much today and I've given crazy amounts of insulin . . . through rotating insulin injections and boluses, one would think that my numbers would stabilize. I have yet to see a number under 300.

Though you may be worried (as I was), my doctor found out that the steroids I was taking were responsible for the "high trend".

Hopefully these drugs will wear off soon, and I will be able to see a break from these highs.
(See what I did there)

I'll be doing a "deeper" post later on in the week- once I can think and finish schoolwork! 

P.S.- If you're still trying to figure out my "joke", it's okay . . . probably just my blood sugar.