Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Special Father - for a Special Father's Day!

Some hardships would cause a family to crumble without firm structures in place to keep everything stable.

Dad is our structure.

From the moment the doctor brought back the lab results to this day, Dad hasn't wavered in his constant support through each and every bump in the road. I knew from the beginning that Type One had a rather rough road in store ahead for me. But that would only be harder without the faithful love which Dad supplies.

So what makes my Dad so special ...

After thinking it through, not all dads are exactly cut out for being able to help with a "Big League Diagnosis," as our pediatrician put it. And then multiplying such a diagnosis - by three. 

When hard times seemed overwhelming, Dad helped make them feel small. Even from the moment we were born, Dad never quit giving of himself to each of us. He was always there when Hannah would cry because giving herself a shot seemed impossible. Dad was there when Daniel lay in bed, unable to imagine how he could feel normal, with so much overwhelming him. Dad was there for me, when I grasped the realization that I was no more just helping manage our T1s, but now it was my turn to live out what I used to only see, but not feel.

God knew that in order for each T1 Trio member to succeed, we would each need a deeply devoted Dad to help in the care for each of us. God knew before we were born that our Dad would have to support three Type Ones through every challenge that a new day brings.

God knew we'd need a Dad - extra special.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

T1Trio's Newest Friend! :)

This is Jeriah, a newly diagnosed Type One, just like myself!

His family is here for Family Camp I, where my Dad is the director. We have already had an amazingly fun week, and cannot wait to spend more time with them in the time remaining!

It is always encouraging to see other Type One's doing so well with all of the management that Type One entails. Whether shots or finger pricks, Jeriah is definitely a brave T1Trooper! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

T1T Radiothon!

Yesterday the Type One Trio was able to take part of the American Family Children's Hospital Radiothon! This was a really neat opportunity for each of the T1T members, and was a great way to give back to UW Madison (AFCH) for the amazing care they have shown us many others.

We were interviewed on two separate radio stations 93.1 and Q106. 

The first station was Q106 with hosts, Candy and Potter. This station was rather difficult for us, seeing it was our the first time on the radio and we were unfamiliar "with the drill". Although, at first, we weren't sure how it would go, the staff were really nice, and that helped put us at ease. 

Seeing this was a fundraiser, the radiothon staff had us choose a goal of callers that would donate fifteen dollars every month for a year. We decided to go for 15 callers per thirty minutes. Surprisingly we met our goal for both stations, which we thought was pretty cool! :)

In the end, the three days of Radiothon brought in the grand total of $613,358 raised for helping those admitted into AFCH.

Though we were nervous, once we got going all of us were surprised at how much fun we had.