Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snowstorms in my Snow Globe

"My Life as a Snow Globe"

This was the title of my fourth post after beginning this blog. The analogy of a snow globe helped display the emotions and frustrations that surfaced following my diagnosis. 

Not including Type One, this past week was absolutely amazing!

Including Type One . . . I would say I have run into a few "bumps". 

Christmas Eve I was due for a new infusion set (the port that attaches to our body)

Usually, I don't have a problem with a new site, it hurts a bit - but is way easier than 8 shots a day! The problems occur when your body begins to reject the sets. 

About 10 minutes after my first site, my pump alarm went off . . .

If you ever have a pump, you know what this means. Either your hose is kinked (easy fix), or you have a bad site (not-so-pleasurable fix). For me, it was the not-so-pleasurable fix.

After checking for kinks and any obvious problems with the site, I proceeded to pull it out of my stomach. If it is a "bad site" we usually see blood in the hose or bent needle. In this case there was nothing.

To shorten this night . . . I ended up going through 3 painful, eventually bleeding sets - before finally switching to my arm.

After moving my site to the arm, it seems that the insulin started to absorb more efficiently.

Why, you may ask?

And Thursday was full of them! 
No matter how much sugar I inhaled . . . nothing seemed to avail me.

 I began feeling low after eating at McDonald's so I tested my blood sugar. 


When you go an entire meal without giving any insulin, and your this low means its time to get serious about getting your blood sugar up.

I began to feel painfully weak and numb . . . panic mode. 

Mom ran to get the glucagon out of the van . . . 50 isn't quite "coma-worthy", but when I was feeling prepared to pass out - it was obviously time to bypass what the tester said. :) 

Thankfully, after I gulped down 3 sugar-infused sodas . . . my blood sugar began to rise! 

Now . . . I could go into detail about the following three lows I had that day, but I'd like to come around to the point of this blogpost.

Although the snow is settling and Type One is a reality that I am coming to peace with, I've found that as a Type One, our little "snow-globe" is going to get shaken. And from the looks of it, it may get shaken a lot . . . that's the not-so-pleasurable part of this disease.

That's the side that provides a 55 at 1:00 in the morning, that's the side that constantly looms overhead - the snowstorms.

But it's nice to remember a few things . . . 

First of all, snowstorms don't last forever: it will a clear up again.

Second, make sure your in your snow gear: if its a bad storm, you want to be ready!

Finally, Type One is hard - that's the truth . . . but the hardships bring us closer to both God and those we love. It takes a lot of work to live with T1. But at the same time, it molds us into more than we could have been without it.

Knowing God is in control helps shift seeing the danger of the snowstorm, to seeing the amazing beauty the snow provides!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas! ! !

Finals are finished, but they definitely threw in a couple highs and lows to make Type One that much more . . . enjoyable.

Now I get three weeks of staying home, enjoying break, and being with my family.

At the end of 2013, I am completely amazed at the past year! So much has transpired that I can't believe it has only been one year. I feel as though I have had Type One my whole life. While reflecting on some of our past family photos, I find it difficult to recall whether I had T1 at the time the photo was taken or not.

Here at Christmas time, I don't think I could even imagine life without the amazing support team I have in the Type One Trio and my family! 

I am so thankful for my faith, family, and insulin. Without any of these elements, I wouldn't be able to survive.

Yet, most importantly, I thank God for my His uncomprehending love in sending His Son to earth so long ago. That's the real reason we celebrate Christmas!

Merry Christmas! ! !

On a funny note here is Jingle Bells (Type One Style) . . .  it sums up a low very well.

"Christmas Lows"


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hello World!

Hello World!

So . . . a lot has happened with the Type One Trio in the past few weeks! 

First of all, we had an amazing Thanksgiving Break/Vacation! After my first semester in college, the break was well needed and much appreciated. From running to playing indoor soccer to sleeping in, vacation proved itself a great time to recharge. Here are some family pictures we were able to take! 

Once we returned from vacation, I took part in MBU's Christmas Concert! Although I was only one of around one hundred singers, one thing made me different from everyone else - my amazing insulin pump! It amazes me to think that it still hasn't reached one year since my diagnosis. Last Christmas season I was preparing for my knee surgery - nervousness and anticipation defined my thinking . . . little did I know what lay ahead! Yet, when I compare where I was then - to where I am now - I'm amazed at the way God has molded me through this disease. 

Though some would consider Type One a curse, I think that the reality of accepting that your life is in God's hands is an incredible gift. Every day presents a fresh set of difficulties, but if you know that God is in control, you don't have to worry! It's all about perspective: either I'm overwhelmed with the complications Type One entails, or amazed by the protection God instills!

I'm sure I'll be posting more once I get through this next week . . . it holds what I've been dreading from the start of college. The "make-it or break-it:" Finals!

I've done my fair share of studying, fair share of reading, and fair share of stressing, 

But after I memorize all of my terms, definitions, and study guides . . . I'll be ready! 

(This is my General Psychology Study Guide)

Don't worry, I'm not complaining! This is what I signed up for! :)