Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas! ! !

Finals are finished, but they definitely threw in a couple highs and lows to make Type One that much more . . . enjoyable.

Now I get three weeks of staying home, enjoying break, and being with my family.

At the end of 2013, I am completely amazed at the past year! So much has transpired that I can't believe it has only been one year. I feel as though I have had Type One my whole life. While reflecting on some of our past family photos, I find it difficult to recall whether I had T1 at the time the photo was taken or not.

Here at Christmas time, I don't think I could even imagine life without the amazing support team I have in the Type One Trio and my family! 

I am so thankful for my faith, family, and insulin. Without any of these elements, I wouldn't be able to survive.

Yet, most importantly, I thank God for my His uncomprehending love in sending His Son to earth so long ago. That's the real reason we celebrate Christmas!

Merry Christmas! ! !

On a funny note here is Jingle Bells (Type One Style) . . .  it sums up a low very well.

"Christmas Lows"



  1. Wow nice version of jingle bells! Did you all write that?

  2. No, afraid not! :) I found it on an Type One Memes place. :)

  3. Merry Christmas !! Love your sense of humor?! :) hugs and prayers :) momma lange

  4. Merry Christmas!! I can't believe it's been one year almost. I remember when our family was over the night you got back from knee surgery…almost a year to the date! So much has happened since then. Praise the Lord He gives strength daily.


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