Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, our little princess stepped into a world that she didn't know existed . . . to fight a disease she didn't understand. At nine years old, she had to grow up and take on all the challenges that Type One Diabetes brings. 

Five years ago today, our rose among thorns (one girl- four boys) slowly adapted to functioning as an organ that she couldn't see or understand. I still remember the nights we cried together, the times we wanted to take the shots for her, the days we wanted to lift the burden of diabetes off of her- and place it on our shoulders. The times it overwhelmed her- but never overcame her.

Five years ago today, my little sister began her life-long journey with Type One Diabetes. Unless you've experienced it- I don't expect you to understand from where we have come. The journey has been complicated on multiple levels, but Hannah is incredible! That is the beauty of this disease . . . it's complications, it's pain, it's complexity, it's grueling schedule, it's relentlessness- these things are what force us to stop depending on us. When we come to the end of ourselves, that is when we get to see just how amazing God is! The sufficient grace He provides is always there at the most difficult of times. That is when we get to trust the very One who trusted us with this disease!

Hannah has exemplified this truth many times. I have watched her through two completely separate perspectives. One side was from not having T1D and watching her. The opposite is now having T1D myself, and watching her. But this is the cool part. I get to see what many don't. I get to fight alongside her. I get to watch her tackle obstacles that others will never see or experience! It's a special component that constitutes our Type One Trio:

We are in this together. We are experiencing this together. We are fighting this together.

So today, we celebrate a significant milestone for Hannah. She has broken into her 5th year with T1D. Hannah has proved what it's like to dream big and achieve anything regardless of this disease. This five year mark is just the beginning of her story, and we couldn't be more proud of her!

I love you, Hannah!