Thursday, November 21, 2013

The A1C: When Reality Strikes

After three months, sometimes a Type One may begin to feel confident in their attempt to control such a perplexing disease.

Then . . . reality strikes.

 Although I think we saw this one coming (T1Trio High's)
Daniel's A1C Result: 9.7

Caleb's A1C Result: 9.3

Hannah's A1C Result: 8.3

After reviewing the numbers, I can concur that a little "tightening of the ship"may be in order. This would entail things such as: 
More units of insulin for carb intake (insulin to carb ratio), our correction factor (how much insulin for high blood sugars), . . . less stress. :) 

You get the idea!

I'm not worried, the Type One Trio is stuck with playing this game for life . . . techinically, we are all a bunch of rookies! We'll get the hang of it . . . 

It's not optional.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Life on Batteries!

It - - - is - - - Amazing!

Coming into this new stage of Type One, I had my doubts. But now that I am functioning fully on my pump, I can definitely say that I love it.

I went into the appointment feeling a little hesitant. After attending both Hannah's and Daniel's pump meetings, I always came away with the same fact:

Pump Appointments = many hours in doctor's office.

However, this appointment ended up being absolutely amazing!

The best part was my pump educator. Only a few minutes into our conversation, I began to notice that he seemed more knowledgeable then any of the other pump educators. . .

Come to find out, he has had diabetes since he was thirteen, and has been pumping for 18 years!

As I stated in a previous post, there is nothing like meeting another Type One! Once my brain acquired the information of his "Type-One-ness," it was all uphill from there!

On the way back from the doctor, I barely had the pump on for an hour and yet a certain sense of freedom came over me. With only one hour on the pump, I had already given the equivalent of four shots - without actually giving one! 

~ Freedom ~

No doubt this coming week will include "bumps in the road," but I'm looking forward to living out the rest of my days . . . on AAA batteries! (I know, I like that phrase)  :) 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

WDD: Our Celebration


I hope everyone has been having an amazing month raising awareness for Type One! ;)

Today, my family decided to celebrate World Diabetes Day by visiting the enormous city of Chicago!

As a family, we decided that we would visit the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, IL, and then proceed to the Woodfield Mall for some "leisure time" in the afternoon.

The Holocaust Museum was amazing! Whenever I look back in history to such tragic times, I find that it helps put my own difficulties in perspective. Walking throughout the museum, I was constantly overwhelmed with the emotion of the horrific atrocities suffered by the Jewish Nation. 

Following the museum, we headed to the Woodfield Mall. Here we walked around an enormous building full of . . .  "stuff", and created our "Human Blue Circle" to mark our part in raising awareness for diabetes.

I know, it's pathetically small, but we did our best! :) I also called up my friend at college, and she ended up rounding up her own circle for diabetes awareness!

Because of my fairly recent diagnosis, this ended up being my first WDD celebration! Thanks to all who have participated, both locally and world-wide! (For mores stories, please visit )

On a closing note, tomorrow afternoon I will be starting my pump! I'm very excited, but this following week will be followed by 24 hour testing every day. Please pray that it will go smoothly! 

Looking forward to running on AAA Batteries! ;)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lets Lose the Lancets

(The picture above depicts the general idea of calloused fingertips that each Type One carries.)

On the first day of National Diabetes Month, Sean Busby- professional snowboarding champion, lived out the routines of Type One Diabetes. Sean was "pumping" (saline solution) throughout the day, and created scenarios of different blood sugars.

It was encouraging to see a non-Type One go to such lengths to try and understand just how complicated Type One is!

In the final text that Sean sent during the night, he writes, "Woke up out of a deep sleep... Dreamt I went low. Quick check: 96. I'm good- 

My fingers never get a rest from my lancet device.

For some reason, this final text really summed up a category of Type One that some people overlook.

Each of the T1Trio members test at least five times a day, on average, it ranges from 8-10 times.

When you feel high - you test

When you feel low - you test

When you feel sick - you test

When you feel tired - you test

When you are hungry - you test

When you are thirsty - you test

When you are sad - you test

When you are happy - you test

You get the idea . . . any emotions or feeling a T1 encounters usually calls for a blood test.

I'm not complaining . . . blood tests are an incredible alternative to processes used before testers came out!

But seriously . . . with modern technology at our fingertips, bloodless testing could just be a reality. A great example of this is shown below, the Grove Bloodless Glucometer.

Hey World! options are out there . . . hopefully, it's only a matter of time! :)

Happy Diabetes Awareness Month and don't forget . . .   

World Diabetes Day is November 14, 2013!