Friday, September 13, 2013

Life in College - with Type One Diabetes :)

There is nothing like meeting a Type One while running around in the hectic busyness of life.

While at a gas station, I was waiting in line when the guy in front of me set down his keys.

I already know what your thinking ... yes, the keys are an important detail. :) 

ON the keyring, hung a tester, actually a "OneTouch" tester. (the same as me) I quickly introduced myself, and sparked a conversation. I found out that he has been living with Type One since he was seven years old. What made this so special to me was the fact that life seemed so normal to him. Had I not seen the tester, I would never have known.

As for my new found college-life, I can pretty much sum this up in one sentence ...

My life will not be the same for four years!

College consists of a lot of studying, homework, and a good bit of pressure.

All this, plus Type One, is definitely challenging- but I know that it is good for me. Probably the hardest thing, is how little everyone at college understands about Type One. The nice thing, is that I can leave the room if I need too give a shot. A little break from the classroom is well-received on my half! :)

Well, I apologize for such a delay in a Diabetes post! I will try to keep updating my next four years of life - in college - with type one diabetes! :)

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