Thursday, September 26, 2013

Type One vs Gen Psych!

School is ranging from a wide variety of subjects, each specially packed with an overdose of   mentally-grinding information.

One of my absolutely most drawn-out, dry, and thoroughly tedious classes is ...

General Psychology

The title alone affects my very blood sugar . . . literally.

The course of Gen. Psych presents it's students with a rather interesting instructor.

 "Dr. S." 

A man in his forties, quiet, clean, sharp, ex-tank-commander, lawyer, and presently - my teacher.

He begins every period with his typical "roll call", in which he proceeds to ask if any students where having an good day.

 To me, with his same question day-in-and-day-out, it was all boredom and much too repetition to my liking. 

He would then proceed to ask how many of us where having a gloomy day.

Instead of the normal silence that normally followed, I raised my hand.

"Mr. Hatchett, why are you having a bad day?" he asked.

"Actually, my blood sugar is 350, so yeah ..." 

The number 350, "stimulated a response" in each of my classmates. 
(psychology phrase)

A few thought I should be admitted into the hospital, a couple panicked, and the rest had no idea what I was talking about.

For me, it was my first opportunity to use humor, in a very dry class, through my very own Type One Diabetes! For some, this may come as a bit "boring", but when you can make someone like "Dr. S" laugh ... you have successfully seized the day!

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