Sunday, October 13, 2013


It's one thing to have a high blood sugar.

It's another thing to have a high blood sugar - for an extended period of time. 

One thing is for sure, a human body is not made to tolerate sugars over 120. 

Anything over that would be considered "high". 

After reading other Type One Diabetic's input on what they consider "high", I have come to this conclusion.

Our Type One Trio is in a "sticky wicket".

After reading on American Diabetes Association's site, I learned that one lady was terrified by any number over 180.

On average, 180 is a beautiful number to shoot for.

It has occurred to me that having three Type One's can destroy the fervency for targeting good blood sugars.
For instance: When one T1T member is hitting 450, all attention is trained on bringing those damagingly-high numbers down. At the same time, another T1T member is 250, but due to the difficult details involved in bringing down the 450 - the 250 seems much more minute. Along with such a situation, it takes a lot out of the entire family, when one T1T member's blood sugar is haywire. 
"Highs" distort the way a Type One feels, thinks, and acts.
This past month has been damaging . . . both for my upcoming A1C, and for my future health.
 That's the reality of Type One - of my life. 

As of the past week, I hit 520 last Sunday and 500 yesterday. 
I woke up to 380 this morning, and 400's throughout the day. Although I am not always this high, the re-occurrence of these hyper-highs are a bit of a nuisance.
Such numbers do not construct a "good report" for my Endo, or my future. 

Whether it is the stress of school, beautiful fall colds, or just good ole Type One giving me a run through; I've got to get these numbers under control. 

 Hyper-Highs are not cool, something needs to give. 
Something's got to give.


  1. Im praying for you Caleb. :-) Im sorry it's giving you such a hard time :-(
    You're a trooper!


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