Thursday, November 21, 2013

The A1C: When Reality Strikes

After three months, sometimes a Type One may begin to feel confident in their attempt to control such a perplexing disease.

Then . . . reality strikes.

 Although I think we saw this one coming (T1Trio High's)
Daniel's A1C Result: 9.7

Caleb's A1C Result: 9.3

Hannah's A1C Result: 8.3

After reviewing the numbers, I can concur that a little "tightening of the ship"may be in order. This would entail things such as: 
More units of insulin for carb intake (insulin to carb ratio), our correction factor (how much insulin for high blood sugars), . . . less stress. :) 

You get the idea!

I'm not worried, the Type One Trio is stuck with playing this game for life . . . techinically, we are all a bunch of rookies! We'll get the hang of it . . . 

It's not optional.


  1. still praying ~~every day!! love you all!! Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  2. A1C is frustrating. Mine jumped up to 9.2 it has not been that high in a long time. I guess I was not being as good as I thought.


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