Saturday, November 16, 2013

Life on Batteries!

It - - - is - - - Amazing!

Coming into this new stage of Type One, I had my doubts. But now that I am functioning fully on my pump, I can definitely say that I love it.

I went into the appointment feeling a little hesitant. After attending both Hannah's and Daniel's pump meetings, I always came away with the same fact:

Pump Appointments = many hours in doctor's office.

However, this appointment ended up being absolutely amazing!

The best part was my pump educator. Only a few minutes into our conversation, I began to notice that he seemed more knowledgeable then any of the other pump educators. . .

Come to find out, he has had diabetes since he was thirteen, and has been pumping for 18 years!

As I stated in a previous post, there is nothing like meeting another Type One! Once my brain acquired the information of his "Type-One-ness," it was all uphill from there!

On the way back from the doctor, I barely had the pump on for an hour and yet a certain sense of freedom came over me. With only one hour on the pump, I had already given the equivalent of four shots - without actually giving one! 

~ Freedom ~

No doubt this coming week will include "bumps in the road," but I'm looking forward to living out the rest of my days . . . on AAA batteries! (I know, I like that phrase)  :) 


  1. So happy you finally got a pump! Just met another Type one girl last night, and though we didn't talk Type One I had an amazing respect for her...she is in culinary school and such a go-getter! Great to hear your updates too! Miss you kiddo :)

  2. Keep forgetting to mention it, but I also work with a young man who has type one. His name is Eli, I've mentioned your family and blog to him several times.

  3. Caleb, I am so pleased that things are going well. I know what will be in your stocking this Christmas...AAA batteries :) ...We will still keep praying for the type -one-trio. Love the trio!! We pray for you daily!!


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