Friday, February 15, 2013

My Life as a Snow Globe

After the initial shock of my diagnosis, my mom shared something with me that I'll never forget.

A new life of type one is like a snow globe.

When you shake a snow globe, what do you see?

Snow, snow, and more snow. For a brief moment you may see the faint outline of an object inside.

Snow is type one in the life of a snow globe. 

After a diagnosis all you can see ... is snow. It seems like that is all that you can think about. All that you know.

It may seem like an eternity, but eventually, all the snow settles to the bottom.

Thats when you see the beauty the snow globe truly holds.

Although the snow is always part of the snow globe, it doesn't define the special object inside.

Type one is part of me, it will always be part of me.

 But it doesn't define who I am, or what I can be. 


  1. Great thought, Caleb!

    I was very sorry to hear that you had been diagnosed. Praying that God will show you His perfect plan in all of this.


  2. Does this mean I get to shake you extra hard? LOL I love you tons!

    Aunt Jenny

  3. The snow globe illustration is wonderful! :) I am praying for you and your family! Nice blog! ;)

  4. Ive not read many posts yet dear one but so far this is my favorite. Ill keep reading.

  5. beautiful analogy, thank you for sharing this with us.
    Blessings to you all from Angela (mum to two with t1)


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