Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Looking back... Moving forward.

Three years.

It has seemed much longer! 

Today marked the start of Hannah's fourth year as a type one.

We have had three children diagnosed in three years. 

On the day of Hannah's diagnosis, our life (as we knew it) changed forever.

An overdose of information and management skills were drilled into our heads. 

At the time, life seemed impossible.

We could see nothing but type one diabetes. 

Through each diagnosis, we have gone through a new and different snowstorm.

Some may think that after a diagnosis of type one, a family would collapse and loose hope.

For my family, I don't think we could go back to a life without type one.

Although we lost certain aspects of freedom, we gained a certain closeness in our family.

We may have lost freedoms others have, but we gained what many don't have.

 True, there are restrictions . . . 

I can't outgrow it, it's lifelong.

I can't control it, it's unpredictable.

I can't ignore it, it's fatal.

I can't look ahead of today, it's overwhelming.


I can live.

To me, that erases all the restrictions. The fact that I am alive. 
Over a hundred years ago, my parents would have buried three children. Every time I get a shot I thank God for insulin.

I can hope.

Look at the strides research has made! Who knows what they will uncover next.

I can trust God.

Trust . . .

 Type one cannot be avoided. You cannot do anything right to not get it. You cannot do anything wrong to get it.

It is God-given.

God only entrusts hard trials to those He knows can handle it.

He also only gives enough grace for today. Whenever I try to look ahead of today, I find myself overwhelmed and discouraged. 

Something the Lord reminded me when I found out I had type one was Isaiah 41:10, 
"Fear thou not for I am with thee, be not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness."

Knowing that God is in control is all that I need. 

It's all anybody needs.

On our own, we are helpless. 

That's when you hear stories of parents divorcing or sending their children to foster homes. For them, life is over.

 Diabetes is too much. They're right.

It is too much . . .

without God.

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  1. Hi Caleb, I'm glad you can see that though you have a trial you also have the gift of a close family. In today's day and age so many people do not have the benefit of a family that is together and loves each other. May God give you enough strength for today.


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