Monday, February 18, 2013

Shots Shots Shots

I am definitely looking forward to the pump.


This past week my numbers have been out of whack, resulting in lots of shots. 

Usually I should only be getting about 4-5 shots a day. 

Not me. Guess I'm special. :)

On average I have had 10-12 shots a day. For the past two weeks. 

That's what makes type one interesting... It's totally unpredictable. 

I have been pretty high for a while. We upped my long-acting insulin, which has helped my morning sugars come in at a good number. 

Only problem is... it's uphill from there. Very uphill.

I'll tell you one thing for sure. High numbers all day... make for an ugly day.


Using the sliding scale, I have given a "correction" (insulin injection) for every time I'm over 200. Technically, that should stabilize my blood sugars out.


Due to the fact that my family now has three type ones, one would come to the conclusion that we have this diabetes disease down to an art.

Technically... we know everything.

Realistically... from my point of view. Type 1 it unpredictable. 

Maybe it's just were I am at right now. 

One bright spot in all these shots... 

The more I give, the better I am at giving them! 


P. S. - 

When living with Type one, I always make sure of one thing.

Optimism may be weak... but it will always be present!


  1. Hey Caleb, I'm glad you started this blog! Neat way to keep us all posted. We are praying for you all!

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