Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow is falling as is my Blood Sugar!

I have finally experienced what a "low" felt like.

Technically, I wasn't low. 


When you've been up shoveling snow since 3:30 in the morning...

You're low. 

I don't enjoy the overall feeling of my blood sugars dropping, but it sure beats being high all the time!

There is something surreal about working in a snowstorm.

It's quiet, peaceful, and sorta comforting. 

For me, I can work in the snow for hours and it still is fun. 

I'm not that way with all work... I hate meticulous jobs. (office work, woodworking, ext.)

I have NO patience for them. 

(Those are the kind of jobs that would push me over the edge of sanity.) 

Well, I have been working for 10 hours. 

Came home for some good ole Mountain Dew! (don't tell my doctor ;)

Now that my cup is full, I'm heading back to the job!

Everyone drive safe and enjoy the snow!

. . . 

I love my job! :)

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