Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trigger to Type 1?

December 28th 2012. 

I entered the surgery room for the first time. Although heavily drugged I remember it was big, white, and cold. It was chilling... literally. 

According to my doctors my femur decided to create a problem, kinda like my pancreas. Except this problem was fixable, thankfully.

A 2"x2" section of my bone dislodged. I had noticed the pain two years ago, but decided the pain was just from growing. Due to the fact that the dislodged bone didn't have much life left, I headed into the surgery room for my first operation. My doctor worked his way into my leg, attached the loose bone with screws, and did the process of micro-fracture.

 What is micro-fracture? You may ask. ( I did :)

Micro-fracture: the surgery is performed by arthroscopy, after the joint is cleaned of hard and deadened cartilage. Through the use of an awl (a surgical pointed spike), the surgeon proceeds to create tiny fractures in the subchondral bone plate. Blood and bone marrow (which contains stem cells) seep out of the fractures, creating a blood clot that releases cartilage-building cells. The micro-fractures are treated as an injury by the body, which is why the surgery results in new, replacement cartilage. My surgery took over four hours. Total recovery time: six months. 

I didn't like that part. 

Thankfully, I was allowed to go weigh bearing as of two days ago.
Definitely loving life without a bulky brace and agitating crutches! Sweet freedom. 

So now for my hypothesis.

During my stay (after my type one diagnosis) at the UW Madison Hospital, the doctors considered that fact that maybe my surgery brought on type one. They believe that the stress of the surgery brought out the dormant disease. 

In November of 2012, I had blood work done. My A1C was considered perfect, 6.1. 

I don't know, I find it all very interesting. 

I also found a very informative link - Trauma as a trigger to type 1. 

Hmmm ...

Very interesting.

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  1. I still believe 100% that one of you kids are going to become a doctor out of this! You are becoming even smarter than you already were! =) (Now if only you could've gotten my looks!) HEEHEEHEEHEE


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