Monday, July 15, 2013

A1C Reports

Well, we spent the morning in the doctor's office! :) 

As for the A1C reports, here they are . . . 

Hannah: 7.3

Daniel: 9.2

Caleb (me): 8.3

For each of us, we were surprised how high Daniel's A1C was. Although he has been under close management, our endocrinologist said that his growth hormones would be to blame for the high sugar levels.

So for clarification purposes, no, we have not neglected Daniel's Type One management.


For those who don't know how an A1C works, I have put a chart below to help.

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  1. Hey, I've just found your blog today. Slowly reading through it. I've been type 1 for 12 years and pumping for 8. I live in the UK. Good luck with getting hooked up to the pump :)


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