Monday, March 4, 2013

My 1st Month as a Pincushion!

So thankful to have my older brother back from choir tour! 

Life at home just isn't normal without Ben. 

It has been a month . . .

Seems much more like a few years... 

In one month, I have had a needle break my skin 778 times.

I have given myself 248 shots. Pricked my fingers 526 times.

It's hard to explain type one.

When I'm high, my vision blurs and I feel really crabby.

When I'm low, my body gets shaky and weak.

When I'm low, I get sugar. :)

When I'm high, I get a shot. :(

When I'm perfect, I get surprised! :)

One thing for sure, this one month has been a success. 

Although my numbers have been everywhere.  

I am starting a new habit of thanking the Lord for every shot. 

Each shot is an injection of life!

I know for those it is harder to understand what living with type one is like.

To describe one month of supplies, I thought it would be neat to show a picture of the supplies.

As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Technically, this is only a 100 shots. :) Double what you kinda see, and you've got a months worth! :)

Happy 1 Month Anniversary! 


  1. Caleb, keep updating us all. It's fun to hear more details and it helps in praying for you, too!

  2. You are right! A picture is worth a thousand words. So is having your total pin cushion count for the month. Just the supplies alone is incredible to think about. I am so thankful that you are thankful for the gift of life that each injection brings.


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