Friday, March 29, 2013

Strength through Love: Friends

We have many people that support our family through Type One.

Just an acknowledgment of the deep pain and validation of where we are.

That's all.

As a Type One, I run into quite a few interesting characters. From those that suck your blood, to those that diagnosis it. Many that truly understand it give encouragement. Those that don't  . . .

usually make fools of themselves.

For example . . .

After Hannah was recently diagnosed, my Mom was very cautious in how she handled Hannah's blood sugar. While filling an order at our local pharmacy, Hannah started to get pale and feeling badly. My Mom quickly had her test.


Immediately, the pharmacist offered some help.

"How about I get her some insulin. We have some already here in the pharmacy!"

. . .

As my Aunt Jenny would say,

"EARTH ?!?!?!?!"

 Thanks to my Mom's great manners, she replied with a simple thank you and quickly fed Hannah sugar.

Some people help: others - not so much. :)

Today we had very good friends over for coffee and cooking.

I could tell it really helped my Mom.

On their way out, one of them lifted my Mom's spirits for the rest of the day...
"Now before you leave, I want you to hand me your burden and I'm going to carry it for you. I am older and stronger than you, and most of all, we love you. As I drive off in the horizon I want you to say, 'There goes my burden!'"  

Mom said the rest of the day she felt better. A simple, kind remark.

To Mom it represented care, kindness, love, and support.

Type One is too hard to handle by yourself. 

Friends provide support and love, and believe in us through hard times in our lives.

I just want to say a special "Thank You" to all those who have helped my family and me through this trial.

Just prayers have upheld our family through the most painful times.

Thank you all!

~The Type One Trio

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