Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Type One at Work!

I have officially finished my Senior year of school, I am so glad to be done!

As a Jr. Higher, I remember thinking to be a Senior was the top of the world ...  I have found finishing high school is highly overrated! :)

In any case, I am very thankful to be done.

 I have also officially started full-time landscaping!

 Before Mulch... It was definitely fun finding out how to carry the mulch down retaining walls! :)

 Working at SLS has totally ramped up Type One to a new level. The benefit of work is less shots, the problem is that I go low quickly and frequently.

My Mom asked me what a low feels like. Since it has been just over four months living with Type One, I can still remember a lot of what life was like without it. When I think back and compare a low to a life without Type One, I can't really find a comparison. Although some may think it can't be that bad, it really is. Your brain isn't getting an adequate amount of sugar and you don't think right. A good number is anything from 80-120. I start to feel low at anything below 80. There isn't much "give" to how long it is before you "hit the bottom" and start knocking on the door of a coma. 30? 20? ... In any case, I know from being 42, that it is terrible. My arms become heavy to the extent it is hard to hold a glass, almost impossible. It really feels like you "zone out". 

All that to say ... I am working hard at preventing an lows on the job! :)

Although I am still adjusting to my job along with Type One, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week back on the job!


  1. Hooray! Congratulations on being done with school! Glad you are having fun working for SLS again:) Hope your sugar levels will get used to all your hard work!

  2. Happy Graduation Caleb! How did the party go? I was hoping to sneak out for a surprise visit but it wasn't to be. I do hope to get over for a visit soon! Hi to everyone!


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