Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Labōratōry :|

12 hour fast - 9:00 in the morning - and uncooperative veins.

She plunged her over-sized needle into my left arm. 

Not too bad, I thought: I got this!

After watching her push hard into my arm, and then pull the needle slightly out, and then shove it back in - I began to question just how well this was actually going. 

About a minute of that passed, my arm was getting sore . . . annoyingly sore.

Without further ado, she removed the needle out of my arm.

What's with that???

Not only was my arm hurting, but now we had to start over.

I was about ready to cry.

It wasn't because I was in excruciating pain. Although it hurt, I had just sucked up all my manliness... and she completely defused it.

Mind you, I didn't cry. I quickly took a few breaths before she plunged a new needle into my left arm.

In . . . sorta out . . . back in . . . sorta out.

There we go, she had struck gold!

Thankfully, her needle began filling the eight vials.

My nurse was finally finished, and so was my patience.

I am thankful it is over.

Three months without those puppies.

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