Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Numbers May Vary ...

The joys of having three Type Ones, you never know what wide range could happen. 

As you can see by our testers, the numbers always vary. These numbers came in at the same time, Breakfast. So we decided we would get some officially new pictures of the Type One Trio.

In case it is hard to see, our numbers were ... 

Hannah = 51
Me = 114
Daniel = 324
A difference of 273 points.

I am very thankful that the Type One Trio has the opportunity to draw support from each other. Type One Diabetes has brought my family closer together in more ways than one. Though the pain of living with Type One may never go away, we will always have each other for both support and inspiration.

And now for all the Type One's out there, I am considering lending them some valuable ideas to Apple for their next iPhone ...

except better! 

Though highly unlikely ... you can't help but smile! :)

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