Sunday, April 14, 2013

Living with Lows :)

This is about three days' worth of testings. The picture is not my tester but I am sure I have hit every number except the 45. :)

Today I had my lowest low so far. 


When low, everything becomes 10x harder.

Thinking, walking, feeling.

Everything becomes blurred together. 

Whenever I have a low, my mind naturally goes into "panic mode". 

Keep in mind I am new to Type One; I'm definitely not a Pro. Hannah and Daniel have mastered how they feel when they are high or low. They can almost guess the number before they see it! 

Me . . . not so much.

All I could think was Mt. Dew/ Mt. Dew/ Mt. Dew, and how badly I needed it.

Lows can spiral down very fast. That's what makes them tricky, they can get out of hand if you don't treat them.

I drank about half a soda, and then Dad had me wait fifteen minutes.


Our doctors tell us "Eat 15 Carbs - Wait 15 Minutes". Obviously it worked. Yet for me, I have found that to do such, is asking a lot. I don't know if it is the same for other Type Ones, but when I am low I feel so terrible that I would rather be 300 - than feel so badly.

Lows are definitely the worst. Highs make me sick, but lows are another game.

And for those who have not Type One . . . :)

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