Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trip to UW Madison Hospital! :)

Pediatric Endocrinologist Checkup at UW Madison.

Samuel had to stay back and work the business, but Ben was able to play hooky!  That was a bright spot in the day! :)

(Daniel is not in this one because he had to take the pic)

Type One Trio (serious)

Type One Trio (reality) :)

Waiting for our Doctor.

And back to serious . . .

Overall the appointment was a ton of fun! We enjoyed some shopping after four hours at the hospital. 


Caleb: 8.0

Daniel: 8.5

Hannah: 7.3

We are so thankful for the amazing doctors that we have caring for us! 

We had a good time with the medical equipment while waiting. Ya never know what you'll find in those rooms!


  1. Wow!!!! I like the goofy pictures!!!! ;)

  2. Haha....you three are hilarious. ;) Glad the appointment went well!

  3. Nice, pics everyone. Glad all went well :)


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