Saturday, April 20, 2013

Concert with Ben

Last night Ben and I were able to attend Alison Balsom's concert at UI-Chicago!

In the hospital, Ben asked if I could look forward to something- what would it be? 

I can now say, after three months of waiting, it was worth it! 

I would have taken pictures, but was warned not too by staff. 

My numbers were fairly stable excluding the low on the way. We weren't able to eat supper, resulting in my numbers dropping rather fast. After correcting the low, I shot up to 300 and then had to have a correction. Honestly I didn't really care, it was my one moment I could put Type One aside and enjoy the moment! 

Afterwards, Ben and I ventured into downtown Chicago. After scouting out our options, we eventually dined at Portillo's for supper.

 While waiting in line.
 We ate supper at 10 PM, don't know what my Endocrinologist would think about that! :)

Overall, this was the funnest night ever! :) Couldn't get much better than this! 


  1. Sure looks and sound like fun! Looks like a pretty cool place. Glad you were able to enjoy your time together. :)

  2. Looks like 'yall had fun! Man, that concert must have been awesome! Everything's better when it involves the trumpet... :)


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