Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Type One w/out Mom

What Type One would be like without my mom . . .

Without my mom, I don't know that I would be able to ever feel normal again. When one holds in any level of pain or grief they have, it only grows worse and worse. Without being able to have somebody to go to, the pain will never completely heal. For me, I can always go to God for help, but Mom is my personal "source" on earth! :) My Mom has always been there for me, to express my pain, my hurt, or my worries. I thank God for the Mother He has allowed me to have.

I know for each of the Type One trio members, this past week has been a dozy. 

For starters, last Sunday Daniel had the flu. He started throwing up at 2:00 A.M. Throughout the day he was sick and at lunchtime he had moderate keytones. Mom called the doctor and they instructed her to admit him in the hospital if he didn't turn the corner within three hours. Thankfully his keytone count came down before three and we didn't have to admit him.

As for Hannah, she had a rather rough day yesterday. She has been getting really hard bumps on her stomach from all of her pump ports. In order to prevent these, the doctors told us to move her sites to different areas. For some reason, many of her past sites have been clogging, resulting in having to do new sites. Instead of every three days, she has had one sometimes more than once a day. 

As for myself, with work my numbers have been going crazy. About a week ago, I was barely using that much insulin. I have a lot of customers tell me that if I work hard enough I won't have to get shots anymore . . . 

That's Type Two. :)

 We called up to UW Madison to check about my not receiving insulin. They suggested that if I could, I should intake more sugar and give a little insulin to help keep me from going into keyto-acidosis. For myself, I thought less shots were awesome until yesterday. 

Somethings backfired. 

I started off at 118, but by the end of the day was 540. Today my numbers have been from 80 - 360. 

I have a lot to figure out . . . :)

As for Mother's Day, I don't know what would happen without her. I am so thankful for the love, support, and care that she supplies. This house would be in shambles without her!


  1. I've been praying for you, a lot! (All of you) Hope you're doing better and hope you get well SOON.

  2. Praying for you guys! Hope the rest of your week goes better for you! :) I agree....Moms are absolutely amazing! God knew just what family to put your mom in! :) There is no comparison to a mothers love and understanding!


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