Thursday, May 30, 2013

Type One as a Coin

Summer = Work

Work = Busy 

Busy = Challenging

Challenging = Interesting

Interesting = Fun! :) 

Coming into summer I knew it would be fairly difficult with work and the adjustments of Type One. Yet surprisingly, even with my new bump in the road, it isn't as bad as I thought. Though the constant messing about with numbers and insulin can be fairly difficult, when you have to adjust ... you adjust.

When life gets harder; it almost gets better. 

As Hannah and I were talking one night about Type One, Hannah surprised me with an interesting thought. Given the choice, Hannah said she would rather have Type One with our family and life where it is now, than not having Type One and being the family we were before. 

This put me to thinking ...

They're are many negatives to having Type One Diabetes, it mainly depends on which part of it you view. 

Almost like a coin ...

On one side there is stress, expenses, shots, lows, highs, sick days, constant pricks, long nights...
 (you get the idea)

Yet on the very same coin, but opposite side there is a different face.  

Type One has given our family an unusual unity and closeness, understanding for others that are experiencing hardship, and a new definition of stress. (what use to stress us before having Type One, is practically a breeze now! :)

Same coin - two sides. 

 It all depends on the side you choose to view.

It has been four months and a week since my diagnosis. For myself, these past few weeks have been pretty hard for me. I've had everything from my numbers skyrocket to 400 and then bottom out at 50 within an hour, or just being overwhelmed with the reality of my "new normal". Yet after coming out of my "diabetic fog", I was able to see the opposite side of my coin ... the positive side.

In closing, if you happen to be having a really rough day ...

flip the coin. ;)

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  1. I like that! Flip the coin! Thank you for the great reminder to be thankful and positive....even in the hard things :)


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