Monday, June 16, 2014

A Daily Choice

Type One takes away from you . . .  it is natural. 

Type One would like to consume our hopes, ambitions, plans, future, happiness... the list is endless. 

Every day is a choice.

Every time we bleed a finger, insert a port, give a shot, or correct a high or low - we are in a place of decision.
Every time we are discouraged, hurting, overwhelmed, or emotionally spent - we are in a place of decision. 
Yet, Type One can be both positive or negative.

Type One can provide the fuel to help others - to reach out. It provides the purpose to meet other incredible humans who battle the same disease every day!

What I mean by "fuel" is to give energy and motivation to do more! It can either fuel one to reach out, or prevent them from taking those steps to go forward. Diabetes is the fuel that can make one stronger or weaker. It is fuel that can provide empathy towards other hurting people, or sometimes hurt you.
The choice is simple, yet complex;
daily, yet lifelong.
The choice. . . is yours.  
 A bit of inspiration ;)

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