Monday, May 12, 2014

D Blog Week- Day One: Change the World

This is my first year participating in the Annual Diabetes Blog Week

For day one the topic is "Let’s kick off Diabetes Blog Week by talking about the diabetes causes and issues that really get us fired up.".
Where do I start? Though I have already seen posts about furthering education, federal funding bills, or even strip accuracy- the thing that "irks" me is much more simple and foundational.


When someone genuinely cares, they want to help, learn, and support. When someone cares . . . many of the issues that we want resolved would be supported and received in a different light. 

Caring is fueled by love. Love has to bridge. It won't be content to stay put, it has to find solutions.

That's why I started this blog. To give insight into a disease that Type Ones battle every day. To lay a foundation so that people can care! To educate friends and even family who can't understand- unless someone explains. 

America is highly uneducated- simple actions could have incredible impact! Blogs have the ability to construct a network of caring supporters. To teach those who don't understand, and to dictate diabetes from multiple perspectives. Through blogging, a community is assembled. Together- we can address many diabetic issues in number and strength. 

Together- we can change the world.


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