Monday, August 19, 2013

Dad: Support through Strength

Today, my Dad celebrates his 47th Birthday! 

I cannot believe how much Dad has helped me before and with Type One. 

He was there when I found out I was the third Type One ...
there to love me, there to comfort me, there to support me.

Without him, our family structure wouldn't hold.
Let me expound ...  :)
When a low rolls around (which is very common), everyone is running through the house scrambling for sugar, cramming a million carbs down whoever is low's throat!  
Everyone ... except Dad.
 Dad sets the low Type One down, has them take a deep breath, and give 15 carbs every 15 minutes. Which, by the way, is the correct way to treat a low. 
Whether treating lows, or setting infusions for a pump, Dad is constantly there for the Type One Trio and for every family member.
He supplies strength to each one of the Type One Trio members. Strength to keep calm, to keep trying, and to keep going!
Without Dad we might be able to survive,
 but not succeed.

Happy Birthday Dad! 

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