Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Counselor @ Camp

This past week was definitely a big step in my world of Type One!

I spent the week counseling 9-12 year old's for Camp's third junior camp. It was not physically depleting, but as for the mental strain ... crazy! 

My week entailed everything from lakefront, soccer games, competitive activities, and few hours of sleep.

Also along with this hectic schedule was a bad case of low every night! On average I consumed 120 carbs, without insulin, to keep myself from "bottoming out". 

The worst was Friday night. 

I had a my friend, Will, over to stay with me. Before drinking some chocolate milk with Will, I decided to test.


I'll decided to leave it, and now, I am happy I did. 

We talked for a few hours and got in bed. As lay there, I began to feel really sick and decided to test, just to be safe.


I could barely walk.

 By the time I removed the stupid "safety features" off the glucose drinks, I felt like I was well below 50. Following the glucose drink, I ate 10 glucose tabs. After 20 minutes I could finally feel the sugar begin to kick in. I had another counselor watch my campers while Will and I made for the kitchen.

In the end, I had an army of sugar save me from my low. One glucose drink, one bottle of glucose tabs, two cokes, and two chocolate milks.

You would think that was WAY to many carbs, but by morning I came in at 182. A little high, but pretty good considering the circumstances.

All in all, I had an amazing week! Although it was challenging to balance Type One with everything else, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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