Wednesday, May 13, 2015

First Chemo Down: Bad and Good News

Hi my friends, fellow-cancer fighters, and readers:

It's me!!!

It has taken me a full three days to get through my first round of chemotherapy. Not to mention the surgery in which my chemo port was installed and also when my bone marrow biopsy was done.
I still feel a little loopy but I wanted to go ahead and send out an update!

So there's some good news, and some bad news.

The good news, is that the cancer has not spread throughout my body! 

However, the bad news is that the cancer had spread to my lungs. There are multiple small tumors, and one large tumor in my lungs. This is another blow from the back- mainly because the PET scan seemed to show that the cancer was localized. Sadly, that is not the truth.

The gameplan from this new finding is going to entail more intense chemo and radiation. Also, at the last 3 month period, my body will be in the hospital for a whole month to severely attack the remaining cancer.

Please pray for my family and I. We have a year-long battle ahead, and
"bad news" never helps. 

All I can rest in, is that God knew this was going to spread far before any of us. 

Thanks Again! :)  


  1. Praying for you in Japan! God bless your testimony to those around who are hurting like you but don't know Christ! Your shining light is important!!

  2. Your dear family is in my thoughts and prayers....

  3. We are Praying for you. Jaeger's have you on the prayer list at Elkhorn Community Church.

  4. Praying for you daily.
    The Price Family

  5. Thank you for the update, Caleb. I'm praying for grace and strength and encouragement for you and your family when the days seem dark and the road gets long. {{Hugs!!}}

  6. Hi, Caleb. You don't know me. I saw your post through a friend on FB....Alicia Mansell Appel. Her brother, Richard, is married to my daughter, Angela. Richard & Alicia's mom and dad are missionaries in Japan where they grew up. Let me give a little info about these strangers who will be praying for you.
    My husband, Dean, is a pastor in Covington, Virginia. We have 5 children. Four are grown. Three of those are married. One single daughter still at home and a son in high school (homeschool).
    We'll be partnering with you in prayer for God's healing, strength, and encouragement. Praying that as you think of all that's going on His comforts will delight your soul. Asking God to bless you, keep you, cause His face to shine upon you and give you His peace.

  7. Oh Hatchetts, we are so, so sorry. Both Lily and Noah started to cry at dinner when we shared the "bad part" of your news. This battle is so intense for you Caleb and your family.

    Praying that the tenderness and love of God would come down in miraculous ways to your weary hearts. You are our heros.

  8. I am in the middle of the 2015 Diabetes Blog Week. I met you, Caleb, during last year's DBlogWeek. I was so impressed with your maturity and the love and care with which you embraced your siblings. You are truly in my prayers and I send you love and strength as you fight the battle of your life. I sit here tonight humbled knowing that my diabetes is a feeble opponent compared to the battle you are fighting.

  9. Caleb, you and your family have my prayers - for strength to get through your bad news. The strength will get you through. Praying for everything to work the way you dream. God bless.


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