Sunday, January 5, 2014

Camp Counselor Lows

Counseling was amazing!

 I had three days packed with tons of activity in snow-covered Wisconsin! Our cabin had eleven amazing campers. As a counselor, I have always taken time before bed to tell my campers about Type One and all that it entails. Come to find out, two of my campers had a brother with Type One Diabetes! It was so much fun getting to exchange stories and jokes about living with diabetes.
As I said, counseling was great . . . but the low blood sugars that accompanied the weekend. . . 
Not so much.
Thursday night I was finishing up cabin devotions ("diabetes learning conference") when I started to feel low.

60 with 7.6 active insulin 
(enough to drop me 380 points)
I cracked open my apple juice supply and began drinking . . . 

140 carbs later . . .
 48 with 5.2 active insulin

This is when I decided to worry! I notified the other counselors, bundled up, and headed out into the cold! Upon reaching the main lodge, I found my oldest brother (Ben) who helped get me some more sugar! 

In the end, I drank 4 apple juices, a bottle of Mt. Dew, a can of Dr. Pepper, and 2 chocolate milks! 

340 carbs of sugar! 

Way too much! You may think . . . don't worry, Ben thought the same. :) 

That night I was up testing, suspending my pump, and eating candy all night long (still going low)!
Yet my efforts paid off! I awoke Friday morning to a blood sugar of 115 - perfect.
You just never know with Type One, there is always that nagging thought of
 If I had gone to bed without testing - I may have never woken up . . .
On a happy note: here's a good example of night time lows.

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  1. So funny and So true. The stubborn lows are sometimes worse than the stubborn highs of blood sugar.


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