Sunday, January 10, 2016

Caleb's Cancer Fact Check

I find it interesting how little something matters until it invades your world. 
After being abruptly thrown into a world of hazardous drugs, infinite transfusions, endless needles, and a sincere case of sickness, I find it a bit amazing that so many people can live in their own blissful ignorance. 

This isn't another rant about Childhood Cancer Awareness. Rather, I'm trying to help open our eyes to the reality that every single day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer. I'm really happy for all of the great awareness for Breast Cancer - I'm not against pink. However, where is the voice for the thousands of children that die every year? 
Where is the voice for the next generation of children?

Before Ewing's Sarcoma, I was totally ignorant to the realities of cancer world. Even though I planned to enter into pediatric nursing, I didn't have the faintest idea of the pain that cancer inflicts. 

Through this past year, I have talked to, played with, and cried and prayed for so many fellow cancer fighters that I have met. Together we are bonded by a reality that every human dreads. In 10 months I have watched so many incredibly strong warriors finally beat their cancer. Though I would wish them a long and healthy life, God has seen fit to take them out of this world.

Again, please remember that before cancer I didn't know more than most of you reading this post. But that is why I am writing. 

I am here to give a straight-forward, brutally-honest, candid presentation of what cancer entails. 

I've found that though people want to help, many times the things that they say only make our fight with cancer much harder.

For example, please do not tell me that I am doubting that God has the ability to heal my cancer . . . that really doesn't help me, and it isn't true.

I completely understand the incredible healing powers of God. He has healed people when Jesus walked the earth, and He has spared the lives of people throughout history even when their prognosis was grim. Yet on the other hand, God chooses to eternally free cancer fighters from their battles- whether we are ready for it or not. God's ability to heal cannot be a cop-out to help those who aren't even involved in the fight.

When you are with a cancer fighter, learn to love them and cherish the moments with them. Learn that though you can never understand what they are going through, you can at least give them what they need most - unconditional love and unwavering support. 

Anyways, that was my public rant / awareness post / wake-up call.

In no ways does the end of this blogpost apply to all of my readers! In fact, it may not apply to any of you. However, you would be surprised to hear the thoughts of those whom I have interacted.

So with that, this is the end of my coping with their thoughts.

Thank you for listening and learning from my journey!

Love to all my Caleb's Crew Supporters. You are all the best!

(Night out with my plowing partner, Lego)


  1. Everything you say is spot on! It's so sad that awareness for the color Gold is simply not there. I never knew about it till my daughter was diagnosed with Ewing's in July of last year. What's sad is it's people like you and me and my daughter who are working hard to spread awareness when it should be the Government and large corporations who have the money to make a difference who need to step up! We are losing our kids and our future! Something must be done and not just by cancer patients and their families!

  2. Amen. Well said and I'm glad there is more fighting in the corner for childhood cancer awareness.


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