Sunday, November 22, 2015

Just Imagine

When I stop and listen to all of the questions and concerns asked about my cancer, I have to wonder how much everyone really knows about cancer. Obviously, there are millions of people directly in contact with cancer fighters across the world. My goal through this blog is to share some of my journey- my interaction with this nightmarish disease. 

Today I'd like to take your mind on a tour. I know that there are thousands of readers spread out across the planet- so a real-life tour is a bit far fetched! ;) On this tour, you will have to dig deep in your busy mind and just imagine. 

Imagine if you had cancer. Imagine if all normality in your life immediately ceased and a new lifestyle was forced upon you. Imagine if your life goals were paused and your dreams stripped away. Imagine the amount of grief that is quickly instilled on all those that know you- the pain of possibly of losing you. Imagine if everyone you love and care for tries helplessly to aid you on your new journey.

(Sleep- the one escape from the onslaught of nausea)

Imagine if you had to start treatment: unknowns from every angle. Imagine the fear of subjecting your body to hazardous drugs that are now your lifeline. Imagine traveling to the hospital, knowing that for days your body will continually be fighting not only cancer but also the life-saving drugs. Imagine laying in a hospital for an entire week with constant waves of sickness flooding your body. Imagine being so sick to the point that knocking yourself out is the best option. Imagine the heaviness of these treatments for months on end. 

Imagine yearning for normality: a simple breath of relief. Imagine the waves of sadness as you watch your fellow cancer fighters fall victim to their disease. Imagine the weight of death that is present in every day. Imagine being submerged in a world with the statistical odds always stacked against you. Imagine your future looking so bright, yet so clouded by uncertainty. 

(P4's Tree of hope for all the cancer fighting heros!)

Imagine life and family being all you fight for. Where every day is a battle against your body and mind. Imagine watching the world go on while you fight a battle so few can truly understand. 

Though many try, few can truly grasp the enormity of cancer. Those who fight this battle realize that the most precious thing in life is not made of a certain material, but rather is the time we are given.

It seems that the greatest gift one could truly give is acknowledging that you cannot truly grasp where a cancer-fighter is. Knowing that it's not about saying the perfect words, but rather investing the gift that God only gives- our time together.

Throughout this holiday season, I am looking forward to making that investment - our time together. Though the past is constructed of happy memories, I find it important that we create only happier memories now. In all honesty, none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow! The smartest investment we can make is in each other.

Try and give the gift of being together! That is one gift that you can't mess up. :) 

(Rolling with the family, getting out of the house is an incredible break from the monotony of treatment!)


  1. I love reading your blog when I'm sitting near you! Love you millions!

  2. May you be blessed with the presence of those you love most day by day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. May you be blessed with the presence of those you love most day by day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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