Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Don't Always Expect You to Understand

Unless you are a Type One Diabetic, or live with a Type One Diabetic, I don't expect you to understand what living with T1D is like.

I don't expect that of you - because I can't expect that of you.

I can't expect you to understand what it's like to wake up at 5 AM in the morning because your blood sugar is low... I can't expect you to understand what it's like to rip a site out of your arm while putting on a shirt... I can't expect you to understand what its like when one of our blood sugars is 400 and we can't fall asleep... I can't expect you to understand what its like when one of us wants to go to bed, but a "No Delivery" will have us do the opposite... I can't expect you to understand the emotional toll that diabetes takes...  I can't expect you to understand the fact that this battle is 24/7, a battle with a careless disease that never stops...

So why say all of this? Why force you to read something that may seem "wordy" and maybe even "empty?"

The reason I do is this:

In this fight we can't win our reality does not stop, and the pain does not subside.

It seems that the longer I'm in this, the more and more people expect us to fit in with their normal, to give of ourselves, or to be more "involved." It seems that the expectations continue to rise because "obviously" Type One gets easier.

Here's the truth- who we were died with our pancreases. 

It is this way for every T1D: it's not optional. There are things in life that are not easy to go out and do. You can't do anything without preparation, can't go anywhere without plans, and can't accomplish anything without a strategy.

Is this bad? No... this is our "normal" - we have to adapt.

I could go on - use more example and expound on various T1D issues - but I won't. 

I'm simply making one request: please be caring.

Caring doesn't mean you have to understand: it doesn't mean you have to do or physically say anything. It just requires you to think.

Think before you speak, and think about just a snippet of what T1D entails. 

I'm not asking you to understand Type One Diabetes . . . I'm just asking you to care.

With love,

The Type One Trio


  1. That was really well written. My dad has Type 2 severely and it's difficult to go through. It is always hard when people don't understand, and more people need to try to understand. Keep strong and God will help you guys

  2. Jennifer Bowen In reading this, I am reminded about our walks with God. Every one is different. Each path is unique. We can't always understand where and why someone is in life. It takes the Christians that are loving, kind, caring and patient to help others grow. When judged, criticized or questioned over the "grey" areas of standards, clothing, lifestyles,etc., be kind to those who aren't exactly like you! In other words, be kind to my precious family. You don't live in their home and see the tears, frustrations, pain, the 24/7 hour burden wondering if everyone is okay; they need love, patience, understanding, and empathy, not criticism, judgement, distance, and frankly ignorant advice! As far as your favorite aunt (LOL) is concerned, you have my entire heart, love, admiration and respect. Thank you for the boundless unending joy you have brought to my life and so many others!

  3. Powerful post, guys. I think you're right on in that when people come from a place of caring, it comes through. Very well said.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fantastic post. Thank you!

    Tavia Vital, BSN, BA, RN, CDE
    T1 x 34 years


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