What is Ewing Sarcoma?

Definition: Ewing Sarcoma is an extremely rare bone disease in which the cancer cells are found in either bone or soft tissue. It is known to be found mainly in children and teenagers. Ewing Sarcoma also accounts for 1% of all pediatric cancers and is found in 200 patients a year.

Every diagnosis of cancer is different. Different locations, sizes, and stages. For myself, my cancer is metastatic- meaning that is has spread beyond the origin. I have the first and primary tumor (as shown below) that has enveloped my shoulder blade. There are also three separate tumors inside of my lungs; the largest of the lung tumors is roughly the size of a quarter.

(This photo is taken from the top)

Treatment Plan: Again, every Ewings patient is not going to have the same treatment plan. For plan, we are looking at 36 chemotherapy treatments. The layout is a repeating plan for the following months of treatment-
Week 1 of the month: 5 days inpatient; Week 2: no therapy; Week 3: 2 days inpatient; Week 4: 1 day outpatient. (Repeat Cycle) 

Some time this August/ September we will break from chemo and have either surgery, surgery and radiation, or just radiation. This will all depend on the doctors decisions after reviewing my upcoming scans. 

Following all the chemo, radiation, and surgery- the plan is to then have my stem cell transplant. This will roughly occur during the spring/summer of 2016. It will take a month to complete and includes some of the heaviest chemotherapy (to destroy everything), and the re-injection of my own stem cells that were harvested during the summer of 2015 (to rebuild everything).

After this, I will hopefully be cancer free. All that will lay ahead of me is to have my cancer-destroyed shoulder blade completely removed and rebuilt. This will conclude my cancer treatment plan.

Statistics: For everybody, there are various statistics that can be found/given. For own privacy, I would rather not give "my statistic". Due to the Type One Diabetes, it is actually an unknown stat. From what my doctors know, there isn't anyone else that has Type One Diabetes and Ewing Sarcoma. However, from a statistics standpoint- anyone with metastatic Ewings has an automatic 30% survival rate.

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